Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sunday 03 August 2008: Laksa

It’s laksa time! I think Sarah got the original recipe from her Thai cookbook, but spiced it up a little (excuse the low-grade pun) in her own style, adding a little here, reducing a little there, until it was what she proclaimed her best dish to date (which actually says a lot because she’s so damn modest about her cooking and doesn’t know how to take a compliment about it!). It starts with the fragrant stuff: chopped ginger, onion, lemongrass, chilli, garlic and galangal – the ginger lookalike that stains everything it touches a deep yellow, so Sarah’s hands ended looking like she had an advanced case of TB or had been chain-smoking a pack of French filter cigarettes for twenty years! Add some chopped spring onions and curry paste and it’s on. She turned this yummy base into a delicious, yellow, creamy curry laksa after adding a can of coconut milk. She chopped a block of tofu into chunks, stirred them in and topped it off with bean sprouts and fresh coriander leaves and some roughly torn basil leaves. Add some baking hot buttered baby bread rolls for dunking and viola, couldn’t have asked for more.

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