Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sunday 18 May 2008: Dal Bhat

Sarah made what I believe could become her signature dish: vegetarian Dal Bhat, or Nepalese lentil soup and curried vegetables. The recipe stems from our visit to Nepal and an eventful evening with Narayan and his family in Pokhara, where he taught us how to make Dal Baht. The most important thing I think taken from the experience was the masala – that great blend of Nepalese spices – and the amount of everything used. I truly believe Sarah has taken Dal Baht to another level. She’s made it a few times and I believe every time she makes it, it just gets better (which bodes well for my selfish gastronomic gluttony). The lentil soup is awesome as is the curried vegetables with the masala spices. With some rice and a bit of unflavoured yoghurt – a feast fit for kings. I’m so fucking lucky. I look forward with salivation to the next Dal Baht meal.

Monday, 13 April 2009

My secret Diary of Sarah’s Culinary Delights

I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this sooner, I could kick myself. Sarah’s food is so good and she’s becoming such a good cook that it only makes sense to document the progression. Of course, she’s so modest and humble that she’d never admit how good a cook she is and every compliment is countered with a “But you’re so biased!” I may be slightly biased but I know good food when I taste it, so henceforth follows my secret diary of Sarah’s culinary delights.

Now this is what you could call a backlog so I'm going back in time to the diary of Sarah's cooking progession which I've been saving and will post, in the present, about the past. Forgive me, but it's worth it.