Friday, 15 May 2009

Sunday 1 June 2008: Marinated Chicken drumsticks and fried rice.

This was another first. It was an experimental recipe which Sarah adapted from Ina Paarman’s book my mom got her and fried rice her friend Bich showed her how to cook. The chicken should be marinated hours (preferably a day, I guess) before the time in soy sauce, honey, garlic and some other stuff I can’t remember. The honey makes it nice and sticky so when it gets cooked in the oven it creates a great glaze that causes you to reflexively lick your fingers off after every bite. The fried rice is another awesome concoction. Sarah boils some normal rice, and at the same time boils some frozen veggies – your standard peas and carrots mix, and fries a bunch of garlic and some other stuff. Traditionally you’re supposed to add some Chinese sausage but we had the chicken so Sarah went veg this time. When it’s all cooked you throw it together with nuoc mam (Vietnamese fish sauce) and soy sauce and fry in a pan. Also, as we did two nights later with the leftovers, you can fry an egg for a Vietnamese stodge meal. Anyways, no egg this time as the gas decided to run out just before frying! Luckily everything was still hot and the chicken was ready so Sarah just mixed it up the fried rice served with the sticky drumsticks and we had a killer meal. We did manage to get another gas canister delivered after what sounded like a ridiculous conversation in Vietnamese between Sarah and the gasman (turns out “gas” is not “gaz” in Vietnamese as I previously thought.

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