Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tuesday 3 June 2008: Pasta Amatriciana ala Sarah

I play football on Tuesday nights so I come home pretty late and pretty exhausted, so it’s awesome when I see Sarah and she’s cooked up something super ngon (delish – this is actually more of a mental note when I reread this in years to come and can’t remember any of the Vietnamese phrases I’ve learnt). Well, this Tuesday was no different. Pasta Amatriciana ala Sarah. Awesome tricolore pasta again, with bacon, shitake mushrooms, which, even though Sarah had her doubts, turned out to work just fine in this Italian dish – and a whole bag for only 20 0000 vnd! Lots of fresh tomatoes, mixed herbs and pitted olives, and some grated cheese to finish it off. This was so good with a nice green salad of capsicum, tomatoes, lettuce and capers drizzled with some balsamic vinegar. The special thing about this meal was that Sarah cooked it all out of her head and knew what to add from her own experience, which as she says, is how really good cooks do it. They just know what goes with what and what goes in when. Our gastronomic future, my friends, looks as shiny as a cooked, glazed leg of ham.

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